Snow Inground Pool Cover

Snow on Your Pool Cover: Remove it Like a Pro!

Are You Prepared to Battle Snow on Your Pool Cover?

Winter is here, and you’ve dutifully closed your pool. But before you kick back and relax, don’t forget that a snowy winter can spell trouble for your pool cover. The weight of snow can take a toll on your pool, potentially leading to costly damages.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove snow from your pool cover like a pro and prevent it from piling up in the first place.

Why Battle the Snow?

The Weight of Winter: Snow Can Be a Silent Killer

Snow, seemingly innocent, can wreak havoc on your pool cover. In regions with frigid winters, the accumulation of snow can add hundreds of pounds of pressure to your pool cover. And if the snowfall is heavy, this weight can be overwhelming.

To put things in perspective, one inch of dense, wet snow can be as heavy as several inches of light, fluffy powder. You can’t rely on appearances alone, so it’s best to get rid of all the snow.

The High Stakes for Above Ground Pools

For above ground pools, the stakes are even higher. The weight of snow can warp, bend, or even collapse a pool sidewall. If you think snow is harmless, think again. With over 500 pounds of pressure, even a high-quality above ground pool cover may give in, causing significant damage.

Inground Pools: A Different Battle

Inground pools may not collapse, but they are not immune to the snow’s weight. The snow can tear the cover, pull out pool anchors, or damage the vinyl liner. It’s essential to remove snow regularly, regardless of your pool type. Neglecting your pool cover could cost you big, with good quality inground winter covers fetching up to $500.

Snow Removal Tactics: Be a Snow Warrior

If you reside in a snowy region, you’ll need to be vigilant and remove snow from your pool cover throughout the winter. While it might seem like a chore, you’re safeguarding your pool cover from the burden of accumulating snow. Here are some expert tactics to get that snow off:

1. Push Broom: The Snow Warrior’s Weapon

Grab a push broom to clear your pool cover with ease. Push the snow off the cover towards the pool’s edges, where it can melt away harmlessly. If the center is out of reach, push the snow as far as possible, letting it melt towards the sides.

2. Leaf Blower: Blast Away the Snow

For fresh, light snow, a handheld leaf blower works wonders. It can swiftly rid your cover of the fluffy stuff. Use a push broom for the edges and the leaf blower for the middle. It’s a winning combination unless you’re dealing with wet, heavy snow.

3. Pool Cover Pump: Ditch the Water Weight

A pool cover pump won’t remove snow, but it’s indispensable for eliminating the water buildup from melting snow. On solid covers, you’ll need a pump to drain off the accumulated water. Even an inch of standing water can be too much for your pool cover to bear.

4. Pool Salt: Melt Light Snow in a Snap

To melt light snow without a broom or blower, pool salt is your secret weapon. Ensure it’s pool salt, not rock salt, or commercial ice melt. Once the snow is gone, use a pool cover pump to eliminate the water.

5. Waterproof Heat Cable: Melt Away the Snowy Deluge

When a snowstorm blankets your pool cover with feet of snow, a heated cable is your ally. It speeds up the melting process, making it easier for a pool cover pump to whisk away the melting snow. Use a low-powered heat cable, and avoid cranking up the heat to prevent any accidents.

The No-No’s: What Not to Do

Snow removal isn’t rocket science, but you must steer clear of certain methods. Never use anything that could damage your pool cover or vinyl liner, if you have one. Shovels, rakes, or anything sharp are a big no-no. A single mishap can result in costly damage, and no one wants that.

Preventing Snow Accumulation: The Best Defense

While removing snow is essential, preventing its accumulation is equally crucial. If you live in a snow-prone region, here’s how to fortify your defense:

1. Support From Below

Support your pool cover from beneath. Regardless of the cover type, it should touch the water or a pool pillow. This helps distribute the weight of snow and prevents it from stressing the pool walls. A cover hanging above the water can spell trouble, potentially causing damage.

2. Drape Down

Allow your winter pool cover to hang loosely. Lower your pool water level below the skimmer, then install the cover, making it concave and flat against the water’s surface. This way, when snow accumulates, your pool cover isn’t shouldering the full weight.

3. Pool Air Pillow

Inflatable air pillows provide crucial support for your winter cover. Keep the water level below the skimmer hole by a few inches and place the pool pillow in the water under the cover, closer to the center. This bolster your cover, ensuring it doesn’t cave under the snow’s weight.

4. Mesh Pool Cover

Consider using a mesh pool cover, which allows water to pass through as snow melts, reducing its weight. Keep an eye on the pool water level, as you may need to drain your pool partially to maintain the proper level throughout the winter.

These proactive measures can safeguard your pool against winter’s wrath. By the time summer rolls around, your pool will be ready for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our guides on winter pool cover maintenance, winter pool maintenance, winterizing your pool, removing water from your pool cover, and how to safely remove your pool cover without any sagging. Your pool deserves the best protection!

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