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How to Keep Your Pool Cover Pristine and Extend Its Lifespan

Summertime fun is all about the pool, but maintaining a clean and safe swimming haven is no walk in the park. The unsung hero of pool care? Your trusty pool cover! It shields your pool from debris and keeps it ready for action. But over time, it can get grimy. Dive into our complete guide on maintaining a spotless pool cover, ensuring your summer stays worry-free.

Key points:

  • A well-maintained pool cover is the key to a healthy pool and happy swimmers.
  • Cleaning your pool cover can be an easy DIY project.
  • Always ensure your pool cover is completely dry before stowing it away for the off-season.

Supplies Checklist:

  • Pool cover removal/installation rod
  • Garden hose
  • Pool brush
  • Cleaning solution
  • Storage bag or container for your pool cover

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Keep Your Pool Cover Fresh

If you want to bask in the pool’s glory season after season, you must treat your pool cover with love. Cleaning it is a breeze; just follow our step-by-step guide:

Step One: Clear the Debris

Kick off the cleaning party by sweeping away debris from your pool cover’s surface. A leaf blower or a broom will do the trick. For stubborn spots, give ’em a squirt with your hose.

Step Two: Spritz with a Cleaning Solution

Next, spruce up your pool cover with a gentle cleaning solution. Attach a hose-compatible cleaner and let it rain down on your cover. You can also concoct a mix using mild detergent and water.

Step Three: Brush Away the Grime

Grab a pool brush and give your pool cover a good scrub, spreading the cleaning solution evenly.

Step Four: Rinse and Drain

After the scrubbing fiesta, rinse your pool cover with water and employ a sump pump to send excess water packing.

Step Five: Detach and Stow

With the top side squeaky clean, it’s time to say goodbye to your pool cover for now. Use a safety cover installation rod to detach it from the anchors, then screw the anchors flush with the ground.

Step Six: Clean the Underside

The show’s not over! Now it’s time to clean the water-facing side of your cover, following the same steps as the top side. Ensure it’s pristine, and give it a good rinse.

Step Seven: Let It Bask in the Sun

An essential final step – let your pool cover soak up the sun. It must be completely dry before you store it, or you risk rot and mildew over the winter.

Tips For Keeping Your Pool Cover Sparkling

Here are some additional tips for a gleaming pool cover:

Daily Maintenance

Keep your pool cover fresh by regularly removing debris. It’ll save you from stains and make deep cleaning a breeze.

Regular Cleaning

Every month, give your pool cover a thorough cleaning. Hose it down, scrub away dirt, and consider using a pressure washer on low to avoid damage.

For vinyl pool covers, use mild soap and water or a vinyl cleaner.

Deep Cleaning

Every few months, dive into deep cleaning. Soak the cover in a water and bleach solution, scrub away grime, and rinse thoroughly.


When your pool cover is off-duty, store it in a cool, dry place. Consider a cover storage bag for extra protection.

Storing Your Pool Cover for Winter: A How-To

Storing your pool cover at the end of the swimming season is crucial. Here are our top tips:

  1. First, remove the pool cover, as you’ll usually need to clean it before storage.
  2. Clean it thoroughly and let it dry completely. Use a leaf blower to speed up the drying process gently.
  3. Fold the cover properly to prevent creases and wrinkles. Start with a lengthwise fold, then pleats facing up.
  4. Elevate the cover off the ground to prevent water seepage. Hang it over a second-story railing or use pool cover clips to secure it.

These tips apply to various pool cover types, but specifics may vary for solar, automatic, and safety covers.

Solar Cover

Store your solar cover on a reel to prevent creases. Always clean it before storing.

Automatic Cover

These are attached all year, so storage isn’t a concern. But remember to clean them.

Safety Cover

Most safety cover systems include a storage bag – fold, roll, and store in the bag. Store the bag in a container to keep it pest-free.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Cover?

To keep your pool cover in top shape, clean it at least once a week if you’re an avid swimmer. In pollen-heavy areas or during peak debris seasons, clean more often.

Bottom Line

A clean pool cover is a cornerstone of pool care. With regular cleaning and proper storage, your pool cover can go the distance, providing safety and cleanliness for your family and friends. Invest time in your pool cover’s upkeep, and you’ll enjoy years of poolside fun.

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